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You will be surprised to know that Hitler wanted to be the priest and got singing lessons

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“Do not behave as Hitler”, said one of the students in the history class. The whole class growled into laughter. You have used the word Hitler for politicians, teachers, friends, mom, dad etc. Rather no relationship or person has been unaffected by this word. Hitler is perhaps one of the greatest men to live in the pages of history. Once a politician who finally ended becoming the supreme dictator of Nazis. Hitler was enough to be described as fear and destruction. His charismatic personality made some blind of his evil intentions and later led to their prosecution.

So, here are some shocking facts about the gruesome dictator:

1. He visited German’s party in disguise and got to know about all their whereabouts. He was thus termed as an intelligent Nazi spy.

2. He used to shelter himself with the homeless at some point in time. It is said when he had no money he started to live with the homeless.

3. Hitler looked up to Martin Luther as his role model and followed his principles.

4. He was called with a different name before. Later it came to light that his parents have changed his name for obvious reasons.

5. He was nationless for 7 years. He wanted the citizenship for Australia so he had to bear the turmoil for 7 years to be without any nationality.

6. He also had an artistic talent of whistling. Well, wolves do howl, right?

7. He once lost his vision completely in one of the wars but was later recovered.


8. He suffered from Parkinson’s disease so many of his followers were of the notion that he could not decide effectively in wars because of this reason.

9. He never visited any of the concentration camps.


10. Unluckily he was rewarded as the “Man of the Year” award which is generally given to people who brings harmony and peace.


Well, some of you may have aware of these facts and some may not. Hitler has always been as favorite topics in history books.

11. It is odd but Hitler took inspiration from leader Martin Luther. He followed his principles.

12. He wanted to be the priest and got singing lessons when he was young.

13. Hitler wanted to build museums so he collected paintings and artifacts.

14. He is also assumed to take drugs even in eye drops.

15. Though he is famous for his harsh nature Hitler has helped mankind too at some point of time.

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