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You Need To Know Myths About Anxiety To Deal With It!

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Anxiety is an issue that has always been talked about. Though there are a couple of things logically and scientifically related to anxiety, there are also a few myths which everyone needs to stop believing right now.

1. Hereditary problem

Anxiety isn’t a hereditary issue. It is corresponding to a person and the same person is the source of it.

2. Mental illness

Anxiety disorder is not a mental illness. People believe that if a person suffers from anxiety issues, he will never get away with it. Anxiety disorder has a treatment like every other disorder and can be treated effectively.

3. It never ends

Anxiety can always be worked upon. It is all psychological and hence a person can overcome it. It doesn’t last forever. The person can be recovered, completely.

4. Miracles

There are no miracle cures that work for anxiety disorder. There is a predefined set of therapies that needs to be taken in order to get rid of anxiety. There aren’t any quick remedies for the same.

5. Exercise can cure anxiety

People think that rigorous exercise would let them forget the disorder and hence cure them; this isn’t the truth.

6. You can’t change yourself

People who suffer from anxiety disorder think that they can’t be changed but they can be.

7. It is not common

Anxiety disorder is one of the most common issues all over the world so if you are thinking you are dealing with this all alone, you are wrong.

8. Only way to get rid of it is through medicines

Medicines do not help a person get rid of it, though therapies do.

9. Panic attacks mean anxiety disorder

Panic attack isn’t synonym to anxiety. Panic attack might or might not be out of anxiety disorder and is completely normal.

10. It makes a person abnormal

Anxiety disorder is totally normal and can be treated just with the aid of a few therapies.

11. With anxiety disorder, you can’t lead a happy life-

This couldn’t be more wrong. One can easily live the life he wants, irrespective of the disorder.

12. Avoid stress to avoid anxiety

Well, this doesn’t work at all times and is surely not a permanent solution to the problem being discussed.

13. Anxiety is universal

Anxiety is not the same for all. Different people experience different symptoms.

14. Anxiety doesn’t come with physical symptoms

Anxiety disorder might come up with symptoms such as stomach ache and headache.

15. Mentally not strong enough

People dealing with this issue are as strong as other people. They are not mentally weak and might react to the same situation like others.

16. A healthy lifestyle would shoo away the anxiety

If there is an anxiety disorder, it needs to be worked upon; just forgetting everything won’t do the needful.

17. Sympathy

Sympathizing the ones dealing with anxiety disorder doesn’t solve the issue. It will only make them more curious. Reassurance doesn’t help.

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