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When 4 Rich People Bought Insane Stuffs Just For Fun

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It might have been true ever since one caveman envied his buddy’s collection of the firewood; however, envy as well as material competition appears embedded in the DNA of the people who accumulate wealth to the point of absurdity. However, the fancy cars and myriad residents just aren’t making them happy anymore. They are spending their money on absurd things. Why buy a house when you can buy an entire town? Why buy a publication house when you can shut it down for offending you?

Here are examples of spending money on cool things:

1. $13.5 million diamond and gold iPhone

Looking for a luxurious gadget? Then follow the path of the British Jeweler named Stuart Hughes. He astounds everyone with his creation, made of a 26-carat black diamond and 24-carat gold as well as 600 expensive stones. As published in an article, the designer took nine weeks to build it and then it was bought by a Chinese entrepreneur who owns the diamond that now acts as his home button.

2. $2.5 million for Albert, Texas


What you have bought from eBay last? A pair of sneakers? It is a cool, but, an entire town is cooler. In the year 2007, Bobby Cave, an insurance broker bought 13-acre town in Texas at $216,000. Then he put the town up for sale on eBay for$2.5 million that a lucky person with too much money scooped up.

3. $ 328,000 for a pigeon in China


Would you like to have pigeon in your house? How much you can bear for it? Are you laughing? You will not laugh when you hear of Chinese shipping magnate Hu Zhen Yu. In the year 2012, he paid $328,000 for a fancy Dutch breed named Dolce Vita. It is the most that anyone can pay for a pigeon that he plans to use for racing.

4. $645.8 million on luxury goods


While you have grown up the son of a dictator with a taste for the good life, the pressure to do something cool is natural. Kim Jong-un’s father, Kim Jong-il, was a high roller, spending $300 million a year for his pet. His son did something more than that. According to a report published in a magazine, he spent $645 million on the flashy cars, high-end recording equipment, three dozen pianos, as well as a Dennis Rodman.

if you have a huge amount of money, you can also try the cool things.

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