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Top 28 magical facts you didn’t know about Disneyland Paris!

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This article pinpoints some interesting stuff that you didn’t know about Disneyland Paris. There are at least 38 of them here. Who knows, there may be more! But we talk only about the top 28 facts you didn’t know about Disneyland Paris here.

1. There is only one Mickey present in the entire Disney park. This will allow children to get the sense and feel of the character that it really exists and is unique.

2. Disneyland Paris has a space mountain that is one of the fastest in operation of all the five. The ride goes upside down as well.

3. In order to propel space mountain cars to about 46 miles per hour in just a couple of seconds, it uses certain technology that are utilized in the aircraft carriers much needed to proper jets.

4. The old phone located inside the new century notions shop, can help you hear conversations between 2 locals.


5. The park has a soundscape all throughout. You can hear piano from the first floor of the main street’s ice-cream shop. Again if you are near the Frontier land well, you will be able to hear pickaxes down from the mines.


6. There is a barber at work on every corner of Disney land. These are real barbers. Disney’s father was a barber himself. This is a tribute to his father from Walt Disney in the Disneyland Paris.


7. The barber shop in Disneyland Paris is decorated with awesome furniture and accessories that was taken from a barber in Chicago who was retiring when this Disney park was being built

8. There are parades that float around on routes and dispense scents as they are in motion.


9. The lighting on the 13 parade sums up to 700,000 bulbs.


10. Selling chewing gums are forbidden n Disney park, as this helps in keeping different sites in the Disney park clean and crisp.


11. There are many hidden Mickey heads in Disneyland Paris. They are spread all over the park and in tiling patterns, clocks, doors or railings with ventilation holes.

12. The ‘Wildlife’ department in Disneyland Park’s job is to deal with animals that run wild in the park. There are many wild rabbits in the park as an example.

13. Disneyland has at least 250,000 garments in stock that is the largest stockpile in the European continent.

14. There are sewing workshops inside the park, which can sew round about 5000 costumes every year. Most of these would take around 200 hours of man hours of work to complete one dress.


15. Each window for the sleeping beauty castle took around one month to complete. These stained glass windows were created by some glass makers. These were techniques that were used in the middle ages.

16. Some of the castle’s windows with stained glass changes appearances automatically by itself. It may show a rosebud at one time and entwined doves the other time.


17. If you are taking a picture of the castle guards, then one would turn blue and the other one pink. But if you take a flash photo of the raven statue, its eyes will turn red.


18. There was a tough decision to be made as there was a choice of conflicts. It was either France – Marne-la-Vallée or Spain – Costa Dorado, Catalonia. Eventually they chose France as their destination and Spain as the Port Eventura theme park.


19. There are around 15,000 employees in Disneyland Paris. Most of them are from 100 different nationalities.

20. In the big marble tomb near the cemetery right across the Frontierland’s Hanunted Manor attraction, you will be able to hear heart beats.

21. Clients or customers are called guests in the Disneyland. They are received with warm welcome as this is also a token of respect.

22. In order to preserve the magic of characters such as Mickey, Minnie and Pluto, they are never supposed to address visitors or reveal themselves to them even when they are at the backstage.

23. There are at least 450 plant species in the whole Disney park alone and around 35,000 trees.

24. The home town of Disney was Marceline, Missouri and that inspired the architecture on the main street in Disneyland Paris.

25. There’s this main street where there is a huge dome from Harrington’s shop. They have special kind of acoustics. If you whisper with each other from far ends of this dome, you can hear one another as if, you are side by side.

26. The roof top and the tower of Sleeping Beauty castle, and the roof of the small world are built with 24 carat gold leaf.

27. The castle in Disneyland Paris faces south so that visitors are able to click pictures from the main street, so that they do not have to worry about lighting at any point of time.

28. There are dragons in the vaults of Disneyland Paris. It is the only one to have such a unique thing. Dragons move occasionally and roars once in a while giving kids a scare. They are one of the largest characters in the Disney Park, about 75 feet in length. It weights more than 5,500 pounds.

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