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Top 10 Marvel Characters Who Can Actually Take The Hold Of Thor’s Hammer!

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We all are aware of the Thor’s hammer. Aren’t we? But, it takes a real character to wield Thor’s hammer. Though many have been considered, but, still the characters have a tough call. Anyway, here is a list for you…

1. Loki

Well, Loki is one of the strong contenders who can wield Thor’s Hammer. In the world of comics, such things’ happening is no big deal.

2. Captain America

If Steve Rogers isn’t apt for holding Thor’s hammer, then who is the one worthy? Captain America is undoubtedly one of the best!

3. Spider Man

One of the close characters who can rightly maintain Thor’s hammer is the Spider Man. Won’t it be a delightful scene?

4. Beta Ray Bill

Sometimes, comics need a bit of shaking and out-of-the-blue concepts. Beta Ray Bill can vouch for Thor’s hammer.

5. The Destroyer

Thor’s hammer is more than only a weapon as it is always shown and if you remember the suit armour, the Destroyer can wield this hammer well.

6. Eric Masterson

Thor has undergone a series of changes since the 80s. And, Eric Masterson with his stout physique and style statement can offer Thor a lot more than expected.

7. Roger “Red” Norvell

Will Roger “Red” Norvell will be worthy to maintain Thor’s hammer? Well, let’s see how things take a turn in the comic world.

8. Dargo Ktor

Did you know Dargo Ktor is also referred as future Thor? Well, following the term, this character is one of the best fits. What say?

9. Jane Foster

It is time to welcome a new Thor and who can be more suitable than Jane Foster? Arrays of challenges are getting ready to make it all the more enticing!

10. Lego Stan Lee

Lego Stan Lee, who has started it all has rightfully lifted this more than a weapon, Thor’s hammer. So, is there a place for any other doubt?
The characters in the comic world have mostly been showing the triumph over the evil with a superhero in the picture. And, what can be more powerful than Thor’s hammer? Indeed, the characters have to be worthy as well.

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