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Top 10 Cool Hacks Under That Will Make Life Much Easier!

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Smart people believe in saving money as well as spending it wisely. When we can sort out most of our tricky tasks in less than a dollar, why invest hefty amount. Our top 10 cool hacks will surely lend a hand in making life easier for you without creating a hole in your pocket.

1. Descale Your Water Kettle with Lemon


Cleaning stubborn kettle is no more a difficult task because we have got a cool trick that will be easy on your pocket too. Mix some lemon juice with normal water and bring it to boil in the kettle to say goodbye to the chalky limescale.

2. Cleaning Shoe with Toothpaste


Just as you brush your teeth, you can clean your shoes too. Use an old toothbrush and apply toothpaste on it. Rub the toothbrush on the dirty spots on the shoes. After 10 minutes, remove the toothpaste with a damp cloth to embrace your clean shoes.

3. Cleaning Tough Coffee Stains on Mug With Soda and Sponge


If you don’t like to struggle to get rid of the tea & coffee stains on the mug, then try this new cool hack. Mix vinegar and salt in the stained mug and keep it for 10 minutes. Now, slightly rub the mug with a sponge and wash it with water.

4. Fixing Compact with Rubbing Alcohol


Don’t get disheartened if your compact powder breaks after slipping out of your hand. No need to buy a new one as you can still fix it. Add a bit of rubbing alcohol to the compact and let the powder set back to its original form.

5. Money Saving Box with Chips Can


Having a tough time in saving money? Start doing it by creating a money saving box at home. Make a hole in the plastic lid of the chips’ can. Remember, it should be big enough to drop money into it.

6. Plastic Food Wraps on Glass


Plastic food wraps are practical as well as purposeful as they can be used in a myriad of things. For example, you can use these cling wraps to cover your glass and drink with a straw making a hole in the wrap. Now, you can enjoy your drink with your homemade spill resistant glass.

7. Tic Tac Box


Imagine what all you can do with a Tic Tac box! A tic tac box can be your savior in times when you find it difficult to locate small things. Hell yes! It can be home to your safety pins, U-clips, memory cards, SIM cards, earphones and even spices.

8. Reduce Monthly Water Bills


Toilet flush tank wastes water more than required. You can save 1 ltr water per flush if you place a 1 ltr water bottle in it. Not only you will save water bill but you will also contribute in conserving water.

9. Floor Cleaning with Baking Soda


Mix baking soda, lemon juice, citric acid and water and your homemade floor cleaner is ready.

10. Cleaning Power of Soft Drinks


You may not be aware of the fact that soft drinks make good cleaners. Phosphoric acid in most soft drinks helps in dissolving rust, tarnished metal, cleaning kitchen sink drains and even dirty toilet bowl.

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