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This is how summer in America is different from summer in Britain!

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Summers can be different in different parts of the world and when these two parts are Britain and America, summers are totally distinct. While America enjoys summers like a badass, Britain is all rainy. Britain holds its umbrellas throughout the season and America rules it like a boss. Let’s come across a few major distinctions that would make you realize that one season at two different places can bring up significantly different experiences.

1. Sports

Sports are a major part of America. Everyone is competitive when it comes to playing and summer sports are too special to miss; but in Britain, every summer sport gets converted into water sports wherein the players get completely drenched and the audience enjoys the game with open umbrellas.


2. Beach

People enjoy the beaches in America whereas in Britain, even sitting along the beaches requires umbrellas. Well clearly, it could have been a lot more fun in Britain!


3. Makeup

In America, girls are able to carry their makeup loaded faces in great ease but when it comes to Britain, all they can carry with ease is the rain. Rain ruins their makeup like anything, only to attend parties in their casual outlook.


4. Parties

Parties in America are so much fun that one would remember them for their entire lives. Whereas if we talk about Britain, we don’t have much to share because at the time of the party, it was raining there! One could barely enjoy.


5. Trips

Be it family trips or one with friends, everyone enjoys a lot in America as the weather is soothing; whereas in Britain, the weather goes completely opposite to the ambience of a trip, ruining it to severe levels. All you can enjoy is the endless rain.


6. Dry festivals

In America, majority of festivals are dry festivals. It’s on the audience to decide what kind of a party they are looking forward to, but in Britain, people have no choice. Eventually, every party becomes a rain party.


7. Shopping

Well, if it’s shopping, it’s always fun; but not in Britain! People in Britain can’t even enjoy a few hours. Shopping with umbrellas could never have been fun whereas in America, you could be all by yourself for as long as you want.


8. Sailing

Though sailing in America is what sailing actually is, but in Britain, it’s all about getting into the waters for long distances. With so much water getting added up by the continuous rains, sailing in Britain is never true!


9. Weather forecast

In America, weather forecast has a little diversity in summers but in Britain, all the seven days of the week are accompanied by nothing but endless rain!


10. Enjoying the sun

The sun is a luxury in Britain. In America, people love bathing in the sun and getting tanned. In Britain, people hardly get to enjoy the sun as it rains throughout the summers. Let alone getting tanned, even if British get some sunrays, it is considered enough!


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