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OMG! We were eating these 6 foods wrongly!

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Many times, we get used to having a certain food a certain way, and to think of the correct way becomes a little difficult. Only to let this difficulty fly away, below are some amazing tips one can follow in order to enjoy these foods in the best possible manner and with much ease. These tips will not only save your time but will also become the best tricks you would have ever used.

1. Banana

If your banana peeling goes messy and you don’t feel good about it, then you are doing it wrong and you must change. So to do it right way, flip the banana and peel it from the other side, now that easy and clean.

2. Cupcakes

The delicious cupcake should have been easier to eat too. Is this what you think every time you find your hands on it? Well, this wouldn’t be the thought from now on, for the best trick is waiting for you. Separate the bottom half of the cupcake. Post this, place this part in an inverted fashion on the top of another part. This would make a sandwich out of the cupcake, only tastier!

3. Boiled Eggs

Though boiling eggs isn’t a tedious task but peeling them off is. Shelling boiled eggs could never have been easier. First, boil the eggs in baking soda and when done, just crack a small sized hole at each end of the egg. Consider it done because all you need to do now is blow; yes, you heard it correct! In no second, the egg will be ready to eat, out of its shell.

4. Carrot

Having raw carrot is good for one’s body. It makes us stronger and most probably that’s the only way we have had it. Though raw vegetables are good for you, have you tried cooked carrot yet? If not, then you have refrained yourself from the best source of carotenoids. These are really healthy for a human body.

5. Sandwich

In any regular meat sandwich we make at home, we put tomatoes and other veggies along with two slices of meat and while having it, most of it gets wasted. So how could the sandwich stay intact while we enjoy it? Let us not put the slices of meat the way we have been doing so far. Let’s wrap a slice of meat around the veggies. With no dry corner bites waiting for you now, enjoy a delicious sandwich.

6. Toblerone

We all know that we have been breaking the triangles of the chocolate in wrong way, and if this is wrong then what’s right? To enjoy the chocolate it’s meant to be, push your thumb lightly against the top of a triangle, and you’re done!

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