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Make These 26 Food Swaps And Turn Your Health And Beauty By 360 Degree!

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With least changes in the diet, one can have healthy intake of food. Today, when everyone is running after sedentary lifestyle, to run after a healthy lifestyle is more important.

1. Eat fruits instead of drinking fruit juice. Fruit juice cannot give us all the vitamins the raw fruit possesses.

2. Have brown rice instead of having white rice.White rice has a lot more calories than brown rice.

3. Have homemade smoothie instead of the store smoothie. Smoothies which are bought from stores have a bunch of calories.

4. Drink clean water instead of soda. Soda has a lot of chemicals that harm the human body.

5. Choose popcorn over chips. Packaged chips are filled with gases and are hence unhealthy for the body.

6. Use toned milk rather than having full cream milk. Full cream milk has lots of fat.

7. Choose plain yoghurt instead of fruit/flavored yoghurt. Fruit yoghurt is processed; yoghurt doesn’t come in fruity flavor naturally.

8. Have almonds rather than having a bar with almonds.With a snack bar, it’s always about loads of calories.

9. Go for wholegrain breakfast rather than having sugar coated breakfast. One wouldn’t want to have all sugar entering the body.

10. Have boiled egg instead of having fried egg. If taken in boiled form, eggs would do wonders.

11. Choose oatmeal over granola. Oatmeal is the best and the healthiest breakfast one can go for.

12. Choose potato salad instead of French fries. French fries have nothing good, neither the calories nor the fats.

13. Have organic butter rather than having processed butter. Nothing in processed form could be better than organic food.

14. Drink filtered tap water rather than drinking bottled water. Bottled water has chemicals included in it.

15. Swap Nutella toast by Peanut toast. Taking in Nutella fills our meal with lots of calories.

16. Swap Pizza with Vegetable base pizza. Nothing could be healthier than vegetable base pizza.

17. Eat mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes. Cauliflower has less fat than potatoes.

18. Eat apple rather than eating crackers. Snacks are always lively but what the body appreciates is healthy stuff.

19. Use olive oil instead of butter. Olive oil is good for better functioning of the body whereas butter is sheer fat.

20. Have homemade oatmeal rather than having pre-packaged oatmeal. Various unhealthy preservatives are used in pre-packed oatmeal.

21. Choose green salad over a salad from restaurant. Green salad has more nutrients as it is raw and fresh.

22. Have roasted chickpeas rather than having potato chips. Processed potato chips must be swapped with chickpeas.

23. Have salmon over steak. Steak must be preferred over salmon, at all times.

24. Swap margarita and include beer. Margarita has much more calories than beer, or red wine for that matter.

25. Swap regular pasta with whole wheat pasta. Whole wheat pasta has low fat and more vitamins than regular pasta.

26. Choose toast over a bagel. With many calories entering your body through a bagel, you would want a toast.

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