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How to Get More Work Done in a Day by Taking More Breaks

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In today’s competitive world, you come across professionals who are too busy to have lunch in time or take a coffee break in between their work schedules. Sometimes taking a break is seen as a sign of weakness or incompetency. Really so? Here we state 10 easy rules following which you can take frequent breaks and yet stay productive throughout the day.

1. Early to bed Early To Rise

Get up early and start working on crucial projects and you realize that the task gets completed much earlier than anticipated. This is because your mind and body remain fresh to handle complicated tasks. Also you are less likely to be distracted by social media messages or phone calls.

2. Stop Doing Multiple Tasks At A Time

Never try to juggle the work schedule to complete different assignments at a time. Multi-tasking always slows down the work pace as your attention keeps drifting from one project to the other.

3. Focus More By Taking Frequent Breaks

You sit with a particular work and plan to get it done within next 4 hours, without break. No it’s an absolutely wrong way of getting the work done in time. Rather plan 10 minutes break after every one and half hours work. You will soon experience an amazing increase in productivity.

4. Take a Stroll Or A Nap

Sounds bit crazy as all work places might not be nap or stroll-friendly. Still if possible take a leisurely walk, have chitchat with colleagues, or simply close your eyes for few minutes. You will feel fresh and energized!

5. Can’t solve a problem? Stop Mid-Way And Pick Up The Next Day

There are projects or situations which may appear too complicated to solve immediately. If possible, delay it for a day and come back with a solution the next morning.

6. Plan A Real Vacation

A vacation not necessarily means a 7 to 10 days’ trip. Try to plan a vacation after every 2 to 3 months, even if it means a short weekend break of one to two days. Shorter vacations recharge you better than one long break.

7. Don’t Let Target Push You Too Hard

You plan to take a leave once the target or deadline is met which never really happens. In today’s 24×7 service driven economy, work keeps piling up until the time you force yourself to take a break. Do that soon!

8. Don’t bring work at home

Don’t carry your office problem or work at home. This way your mind and body never get the rest that you rightfully deserve at the end of the day.

9. Take up an engaging hobby

It is a good idea to take up a hobby that energizes your body and refreshes your mind. And if that hobby can help in building up some qualities that your workplace demands, then even better!

10. Spend Quality Time With Family And Friends

Spending quality time with loved ones is a sure way of staying productive. Your energy level gets boosted when you play with kids, have a dinner with family, or hang out with friends.

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