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Ever wonder, Why Wedding dresses have stuck to white?

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Wedding dresses look angelic and when a girl dons a wedding dress, she looks out of world. A wedding dress brings out the most beautiful version of the bride. Though in various countries, wedding dresses have different colors to be followed traditionally, but the most common color is white. White is the color of wedding dresses and no one can deny the fact that a girl couldn’t have looked simple and elegant at the same time- this is the magic of a white wedding dress! The question comes out that though there are innumerable colors, why white is the one?

1. Queen Victoria

The Queen wore it for the very first time in 1840 when she got married. It is being carried forward as her legacy. Though she did it completely out of choice and no reasons were cited, white was taken as the color for bride since then.

2. Confined to the wealthy in 1800s

Back in 1800s when Queen Victoria got married and even after that, white was an expensive color to wear. Only the rich elites in the kingdom could afford it so it represented wealth as well.

3. Representing entire family

During a wedding, the bride doesn’t represent a single person but an entire family, rather the two families she will be a part of post the wedding. This makes her choose a color that would be favorable to all.

4. It symbolizes goodness

White means the goodness of oneself. The goodness of the bride gets reflected when she walks the altar in a white dress.

5. White is favorite of all

White is the one color which is a favorite of all. No one can ever get bored with white. It is the best color to don, be it summers or winters or any particular occasion; also, white never goes out of fashion.

6. White means virginity

It is said that in addition to bringing out the goodness of a person, white, as a color represents that the virginity and innocence of the bride. This shows that the bride who was once a little girl is ready to make a man a part of her life.

7. It shows purity of soul

If purity had a synonym in color, it would have been white. As clean as it looks, white symbolizes the divine soul of the beautiful bride.

8. The most elegant color

As all know, white is the most elegant color and stands out from all. White color just couldn’t get wrong for a bride and is the best color a bride could have chosen.

9. Not willing to break the trend

Post the white wedding gown of Queen Victoria, no one was willing to break the chain, so all kept on following the same, making the royal legacy strong and truly unbreakable.

10. It signifies peace

No one can refuse the fact that white is also the color of peace and marriage is such a big institution that peace of mind is indispensable.

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