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7 Easy Tips to stop messing up at work!

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Employees often find a comfort zone in their current organization, where they might have been working for years. Yet it may happen that even after working for long you commit silly errors and get negative feedback for that. How to handle such situations after you have messed up? The below 7 tips can help you out in such a crisis.

1. No Risks No Gain

Believe this to have a good work life and a great career. If you think committing mistake may lead to downfall then you are actually stopping yourself from trying something new. Take risks to give more to the company. It is not messing up but a gain for your career.


2. Highlight Your Difficulties

If you have committed an error then highlight it before anyone else takes the opportunity to display it to your senior. It is good to resolve problems on your own but always intimate your boss regarding the same. Do not feel guilty and never try to hide your errors. This way you can gain trust of your senior.

3. Gain Experience From Error

Just fussing around regarding the error you made is not a good idea. Try to be positive and gain insights from the mess up. Have presence of mind and try to transform the mistake into an advantage. Convince yourself that you are learning and make sure the same mistake is not repeated.


4. Get Over It

Nagging is not also a good idea after you have messed up. Big companies are more focused on their core business than the small errors that you commit. So talking about the same error repeatedly might be considered a negative attribute of your personality.

5. Choose Right

Do not go after designation and hike. Research well before making a move from one company to the other. If you are in a good company you can keep making experiments, checking out new work and roles; life is more exciting this way than hopping one company to the other.

6. Think Out Of The Box

Simply following orders may not protect you from errors; this way you are actually messing up with your career. Try the same task but in a new way. This way you may give a new direction to the business thus helping generate greater revenue for the company.


7. Ask Reasons

It is good to be an obedient employee but not the one who never asks questions!  Ask about the work that you have been allotted. This does not prove that you are rude or fussy but it simply proves your dedication and responsibility towards the new job. Rather, asking questions sometimes provides a platform to explore and discuss new ideas.

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