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7 Bad Things You Feels When Your Friends Don’t Believe That You Are Sick!

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Honestly speaking, being sick is no one else’s but your sole concern. Had you taken better care of yourself, you would not have fallen sick. But it feels extremely bad and weird at the same time when people do not believe that you are sick, and yet they ask you’re to perform all the tasks on a daily basis, regularly.So, what exactly does it feel like when no one believes that you’re sick? Read on to find out.

1. Feels to quit on life

You’re sick and people might not believe you and will make you work just like they do when you’re normal. You might start getting tired and end up succumbing and failing to finish the work. This might make you feel like quitting on life but do not. Stay and fight till you last!

2. Physically Drained

When you’re sick, the natural tendency is to feel weak. You should be waiting at your own place, giving rest to your body. But people may not believe you and they will thus ask you for help and general work. Ignore them as it will only suit your cause.

3. Frustration at its peak

The natural tendency of the human mind is to expect pity from other people or to gain some sympathy in order to get that extra care. This is a true statement, no matter how much we tend to defy it. So when people do not believe that you’re sick, you tend to lack this sympathy and get more frustrated instead.

4. Fooling self with denial

One of the hardest things to get over when you’re sick is the fact that you are actually ill.You might not want to believe it that you’re sick, but when you try to perform your daily tasks,in most of the cases, you will find that your body is not complying with you. This feeling aggravates when people do not wish to believe that you’re sick.

5. Ignoring the needs

will naturally ask you to work just like you do on normal days and when you try and do that, thinking you’re fine, you will worsen your body all the more, which can make it even tougher for your body to heal.

6. The need to make tough decisions

One of the toughest decisions to make in life is to whether you should ignore people or counter them with your statements. One of these dilemma moments happen when you’re on the verge of countering the people who do not believe that you’re sick, but you refrain thinking that you might want to save your body’s energy by not talking to people who are hollow in their minds.

7. Think Ahead

A simple decision in the form of exercising control over your body can prove to be fatal for your health. When people do not believe that you’re sick, the natural tendency for them is to ask for a proof that will actually make them believe you.

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