The Mysterious Void Discovered Inside Giza's Great Pyramid

5 Reasons Scientist Are Debating Over The Mysterious ‘Void’ Discovered Inside Giza’s Great Pyramid!

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Mysteries and Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza go hand in hand and it’s never a wonder if something new and mysterious is found in there. Archaeologists have roved into the Pyramid of Pharaoh Khufu and venerated at the King and Queen’s chamber from the inception of archeological discoveries.

Just now a team of scientists discovered a ‘big void’ inside the pyramid. The void was discovered using a novel scanning technology called cosmic-ray muon radiography; this project was launched in late 2015, set out to scan four specific Egyptian pyramids.

Scientists reported on Thursday, this void which is above the Grand Gallery in the Great Pyramid is at least a hundred feet long. But for now what this entire structure means is ambiguous, and the scientists are also hesitant to draw any conclusions so soon.
The Co-director of the ScanPyramids project Mehdi Tayoubi said, “We don’t know if it’s a chamber, a tunnel, a big gallery or things like that,”

“When you’re dealing with creating a monument to house the immortal remains of an individual who bridges heaven and Earth, and whose ascendance to the stars helps assure the perpetual prosperity of Egypt, I don’t think [this void] was a cost-cutting measure,” ,said Adam Maskevich, an renowned archaeologist,

Although there are few speculations or say deductions about archaeological significance of the big void for the Great Pyramid of Giza scientists are debating over –
1. Void could have been an engineering necessity to lessen the weight of the structure to prevent them from collapsing.
2. This big void could provide clues to how the pyramid was constructed.
3. The large space could be horizontal, or sloped like the Grand Gallery.
4. The Great Pyramid was raided and looted millennia ago. This void could illustrate the last untarnished portion of the Pyramid.
5. This void could provide map to few more hidden spaces or chambers.

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