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5 Major Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast If You Want To Lose Weight

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The fast life of 21st century has forced people to lead a life in a haste. This directly effects upon the eating habits of human beings. Often people tend to skip their breakfast in order to reach their workplace on time. Breakfast, being an essential meal of the day shouldn’t be skipped at all. It can have an adverse effect on one’s health. The primary reasons for which you shouldn’t skip your meal is as follows:

1. To maintain a healthy weight you should never skip your breakfast:


According to many research, it had been proved that people who have breakfast lose weight at a faster rate. If you skip your breakfast then you feel so hungry during the lunch time that you eat in excess. According to the National Weight Control Registry, around 90% people who eat breakfast regularly lose 30 or more pounds. Skipping your meals doesn’t help you to reduce weight at all.

2. It always keeps your heart healthy:


In maximum cases, breakfast should always be healthy. It should be a combination of high nutrition, low in cholesterol, high in protein, and high in vitamins. This kind of breakfast always helps you to maintain a healthy heart and overall a healthy lifestyle. Try to avoid a breakfast filled with an excess of fats and carbohydrates.

3. Your metabolism is improved:


When you get up in the morning after a good sleep it is said that your blood sugar level falls down. So you need a perfect meal that gives you enough energy so that you can carry on throughout the day. After the dinner, you had the previous night needs to be refueled by the morning breakfast. Eating at an interval for regular period helps to keep your metabolism rate in a healthy shape. You should have breakfast at least 2 hours from the time you wake up.

4. It increases your energy level:


If you skip your breakfast then you might be on an empty stomach for more than 12 hours. This will cause your muscles to become weak as it will require more glycogen for more energy. So the delay you make to eat the more glycogen is used up by your muscles which will lessen down your energy level. To increase your energy level you should never skip your breakfast.

5. It develops your concentration:


When you are very hungry you not only go through physical pains but also through mental pains too. Hunger has a great impact on your mood, concentration, alertness which can cause frustrations too. Eating a healthy breakfast which comprises of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains helps to develop your concentration powers and you stay focused till the lunch time.

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