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21 Insanely Amazing thoughts we have while showering!

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Sprinkling water falling right from the head down to the toe, mixed with the smooth fragrance of soap in a confined place where no living or dead is allowed to trespass, this ambiance witness our genius and uncorrupted thoughts every morning silently. I guess the majority of the time changing ideas must have originated in the brain of greatest inventors while showering.
So here is a list of 21 genius showering thought which keeps on cracking in my head while showering one or another day, maybe some of these are common among us-

1. Do twins ever realize that which one of them is unplanned?

2. What happens when a poison expires is it more poisonous or becomes non-poisonous?

3. Loop of confusions: When we clean our vacuum cleaner we actually making our vacuum cleaner and we become a vacuum cleaner.

4.“Scent”, ever thought which letter is silent ‘S’ or ‘c’?

5. You can become ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, just get a job of security guard at Samsung.

6. ‘W ‘ is a misnomer it should be pronounced double V instead of double U.

7. Expect the unexpected is quite confusing; doesn’t that make the unexpected expected?

8. Do bald people use shampoo or soap?

9. Is oxygen slowly killing us? It makes work done in 75-100 years.

10. Am I in a Matrix?

11. As per nomenclature does a man with ginger hair working at bakery becomes ginger bread man?

12. What if our entire life is only flashing before our eyes, and we are dead already?

13. Losing rock, paper, scissors game intentionally is equally hard as winning it.

14. Doctors those told Stephen Hawking that he had only two years to live in 1953 must be in their graves now.

15. If you replace ‘w’ with ‘T’ in ‘what, where, when’, you get the answer to each of them.

16. I wonder, how many miles has my thumb scrolled?

17. If you try to rip an extra hole in a net, then there are fewer holes in it now than there was before. What a paradox!

18. Many animals probably need glasses, but nobody knows.

19. If 2/2/22 falls on a Tuesday then it’s just a “2’s Day”.

20. Have you ever realized that your future self is staring right at your past through memories?

21. Do dogs keep on bringing ball because they think we like throwing?

Genius thoughts, right?

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