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19 Types Of Parents Every Teacher Meets On Parent Teachers Meeting, and regrets sometimes!

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Teachers often come across different types of parents in meetings. Though some of them are really interesting, others can be a headache to the teacher. Having a look at more than a few categories of parents who meet the teachers in the meetings, the following list is of real help to the teachers so that they keep themselves prepared from before.

1. Always angry on teachers

These parents can never be calm and content with themselves and their kids.

2. Intelligent parents

These parents know what they are talking about and keep on showering knowledge onto the teachers.

3. Familiar faces

These are the parents who turn up for meetings most often so now the teacher recognizes them by faces.

4. Attractive parents

With beautiful and attractive parents attending the meeting, who wouldn’t want to be the teacher for the day; a good deal for the teachers though!


5. Very apologetic

These parents are very sorry about everything their child would have ever done, or even if he hasn’t done anything!


6. Understanding

The parents falling under this category are the ones who understand the teacher and know what the teacher is trying to say.


7. Overheated parents

Some parents can really get angry with no certain reasons and if at all there is a reason, it’s unjustified.


8. Teachers themselves

When parents are teachers themselves, which is a case more often than not, they find themselves on the same page with the teacher.


9. Who have answers to all questions

With a question in mind, they are the go to parents, without any second thought.


10. Super excited moms

With these moms in the row, the teachers need not be dull because they make the meeting active with their exciting behavior.


11. Ones who never attend meetings

These parents might be attending the last meeting of the annual year for the very first time.

12. Super kind

These kind parents know the work load of teachers inside out so they are very kind to them.


13. Teachers to be blamed for everything

When teachers are blamed for everything by the parents, such parents fall into this category.


14. Super attitude

With the attitude levels rising high, teachers think it would have been better if they weren’t even called for the meeting.


15. Teacher’s friend-moms

These mothers have become friends of the teachers now and teachers get only happier to see their faces.

16. Can be found everywhere

These are found everywhere as they visit all the subject teachers as well.


17. Who act as boss

These parents act as boss and for them, the teacher doesn’t matter at all.


18. With innumerable stories

These parents have innumerable stories to tell so the teacher must make sure they are the last in the row because once they start talking, it’s difficult to make them stop.


19. Hates teachers

These parents couldn’t hate the teachers more. For them, everything that goes wrong in the class is the fault of the teacher.

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