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18 Things You Should Not Apologize For As A Parent

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This article mostly talks about why parents should not be apologizing or saying sorry for certain actions towards their kids. We pinpoint 18 different scenarios where parents won’t have to apologize.

1. Breastfeeding – Anyone who gives you the stare while you feed your baby at work, in public or anywhere else, are into some real problems.

2. Bottle feeding is also a constant practice, when you have a new born to take care of. Your baby is getting fed and that is a good sign.

3. Your kids love what they like. Your daughter might like fancy fairy tales and princesses and your son may like superheroes.

4. It could be the other way around from the above. Your daughter may like superheroes and your sons may like princesses. There is nothing to be starry eyed.

5. When you are overweight and have put on some extra pounds you should not be sorry for eating what you like. There is no point being sorry. Eat what you like because you are trying to eat what is best for you.

6. That moment when you embarrass your kids in public, especially when they are in college. They will have that usual palm over their face. It quite funny to watch such a reaction from your kids.

7. Sometimes telling your kid the word ‘No’, might be hard, but trust me it’s worth it. It’s really good for them. Stops them from getting addicted to bad habits.

8. When you have to carry kids with you in the air. They are supposed to be in their best behavior. After all they are expected to be in their best behavior, but then again there are kids and you never know. Doesn’t mean you have to stop flying for a decade when you have kids or until they grow up.

9. Letting your kids use gadgets and electronics, this is good in the long run. It helps them grow smarter and become technologically smarter.

10. When you lie to your kid and they didn’t need to know that. You don’t have to feel sorry for that, as s**t like that happens all the time.

11. When you ignore any new movie by saying it would be available on Netflix sooner or later in the future. This shows you are out of touch with the pop culture.

12. When your kid suddenly breaks down in public. It could actually occur to any kid no matter whose kid they are.

13. You love your friends and want to be there for them at all times no matter what. If you have kids, it may not be possible to attend your friends’ party or outing for obvious reasons. But they should well understand and that’s just fine.

14. Sometimes when you regret not being able to do what you want no matter what it is and when you want it. It’s not really because you have kids, it just in our nature as human beings.

15. You are tired and next morning you have to be at work. It might be exhausting after a whole night of tiring job of looking after your kids, but then other may raise a finger at you. Tell them to do the same and watch their kids for a night and see how that goes.

16. Trying not to watch movies where something bad happens to kids in the movie. You might want to look for other options and see what else you and your kid would prefer watching.

17. Safety first – trying to be a helicopter parent and wrap them into your wings, thus keeping them safe.

18. There is no reason why you should apologize for loving your kids tons. Every parent does that. Some tell, while others don’t.

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