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18 Things you don’t Care anymore after having a baby!

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Once you have kids, you come across various changes in your lifestyle. These changes might be for the better but most of them surprisingly aren’t. Following are a few changes you will go through once you have a kid:

1. Staying up all night.

You will have to wake up all night in order to take care of the baby and his nappies

2. Messy and chaotic rooms.

If you are cleanliness lover, then you do need a break!

3. Shouting every now and then.

You will become a shouting mother, keeping an eye on your kids and scolding them for all the pranks they do.

4. Being tensed for no reason

You will tend to stay tensed for all reasons related to your child.

5. Sharing everything

Once you become a mother, you feel like being giving and sharing at all times.

6. Being naked in front of strangers

You might be fine changing in front of other women.

7. Asking friends and relatives to babysit.

When you need a break, your friends and relatives will come to your rescue, only post your call.

8. Handling kids in public.

Yes, you will have to do that and definitely that’s a lot difficult than it looks.

9. Everyday going to school to pick them

This will become your everyday routine, twice a day.

10. Handling diapers

Diapers and diapers, that’s all you will be supposed to manage!

11. Looking tired at all times.

With all the work day in and day out, you might always end up looking exhausted.

12. Running every time

Running after kids around the floor will be your endless job.

13. Being conscious when drinking.

When with kids, you would not want to end up being totally drunk because now you have their responsibility as well.

14. Being used to crying kids.

Crying kids used to irritate you before but after having babies, you are absolutely fine with it.

15. Missing on soap operas.

When with kids, they will not leave their cartoons for anything, so forget your daily TV shows.

16. Being less talkative.

Because all your kids do is talk all the time, so you become less talkative, only for the better!

17. Early to bed.

If you have kids then you must be familiar with the phrase which says you must be early to bed in order to be healthy and wise. This is being applied on you as well now.

18. Staring pictures of your kids for long.

You are in so much love with your kids that you can look at their photographs for hours.

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