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These 18 Native American pictures from 1900s will bring the tribes alive in front of your eyes!

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The Edward S. Curtis collection remains the most stunning visual journey into the life and times of the North American Indian Tribes. About 2,400 images capture the essence of the intriguing everyday aspects of the indigenous culture of the tribes. The Library of Congress acquired the silver-gelatin photographic prints ranging from 1900 to 1930 through copyright deposit. The prints number more than 2,400 and are available for viewing in the Library of Congress website.


Curtis’ collection or multi-volume work, The North American Indian only includes about 1,608 prints which include individual and group portraits, rituals, ceremonies, dances, dwellings, arts and crafts, food, games, scenery, etc. Some of these photographs leave us yearning for the bygone age and all of them leave us wanting to know more.

1. White Shield – Arikara, 1908, Clothing of the Arikara Tribe

2. Klamath in costume, 1923

3. Flute ceremony at Tureva Spring, Middle Mesa, 1905, Hopi Indians gathered at the oasis, some sitting on the banks while others stand.

4. Cheyenne Girl, 1905

5. Nez Percé babe, 1899, an infant from Nez Percé tribe in a cradleboard.

6. Apache girl and Papoose, 1903, Domestic life in the Apache tribe.

7. Feast March Ceremony, 1905, Men from the Apache tribe wearing feathered headbands and adorned with body painting.

8. Iron Breast-Piegan, 1900, A Piegan man wearing the war bonnet, holding tomahawk and animal pelt draped over his arm.

9. Tobadzischini – Navaho, 1904, Navajo man in the ceremonial dress as Tobadzischini, Yebichai war god.

10. The Talk, 1905, Three Crow men, seated in a rocky area with low growing shrubs, with their horses resting nearby.

11. Out of the forests’ depths stepped an Indian maiden, 1905, Nespelim woman standing at water’s edge.

12. On the housetop—Hopi, 1906, Women sitting and standing on Pueblo buildings.

13. At the old well of Acoma, 1904, An Acoma girl, sitting on a rock watches another girl filling a pottery vessel with water from a pool.

14. The primitive artists—Paviotso, 1924, Paviotso man marking the side of the glacial boulder that already has petroglyphs on it.

15. When winter comes, 1908, Dakota woman, carrying firewood in the snow, approaches tipi.

16. The Oath – Apsaroke, 1908, Three Apsaroke men gazing skyward, two holding rifles, one with object skewered on arrow pointed skyward, bison skull at their feet.

17. Wisham (Wishran) girl, 1910

18. Wichita Grass House, 1927

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