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17 Reasons Why I wish I never went to a gym!

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You might not appreciate the idea to hit the gym every single morning just to keep you fit. You know that there are many other ways with the help of which you could assure that you are healthy and completely fit. If you are one of those who love to workout but hate even the thought of a gym, then this post is for you.

1. You hate treadmill like anything

Thinking of endless running on a machine inside four walls kills you and all you want to do is go back to your place and sleep.

2. You feel it’s monotonous

You hate the idea of visiting the same place every single day and nothing but do workout.

3. You love yoga.

You would anytime prefer yoga over gym, happily.

4. You would rather jog than give attendance in the gym

Jogging in the park or between the trees looks so much refreshing to you.

5. You like things at peace rather than the shrill music

The music of the gym makes your heart beat fast, making sure you don’t feel like working.

6. And the noises of men working out couldn’t be more irritating

If the music wasn’t enough, you could hear men shouting and that couldn’t get more irritating for you.

7. You hate sweating so much

You hate sweating like anything. You would rather prefer to workout in fresh air.

8. Most of the machines you have never used

Most of the machines you see in the gym have never been used, especially by you.

9. You don’t like to gain attention while working out

Yes; you have to agree that once you work out, all eyes are on you, knowingly or unknowingly and you hate all those eyes.

10. Gym makes a hole in your pocket

The prices of gym membership are the thing you hate the most. Well, not going to the gym doesn’t hurt anymore.

11. Once in the gym, you feel jealous of all

Also, seeing everyone with amazing biceps and physique makes you feel less of yourself.

12. You like to run with the fresh air running with you

Even the idea of it makes you want to run the next morning.

13. You would rather exercise at home

When at home, could it get any better? And if you could work things out at home, who would need a gym!

14. You think going to the gym is a waste of time

A sheer waste of time, going to the gym does nothing good to you.

15. Gym trainers make you exercise forcefully which you hate

You like to work at your ease.

16. Gym equipments seem useless

You feel that the equipment in the gym are useless and does not help you achieve the needful.

17. Once in the gym, you don’t like to move an inch

You couldn’t have felt lazier. Once you step inside a gym, all you want to do is run back to your place.

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