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17 Awe-Inspiring Places Of Worship Around The World

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Men follow religion and build temples to worship their deities, but these monuments are not just a place to worship but are also the affidavit of culture, evolution,

1. Paro Taktsang, Bhutan: A Himalayan Cliff Of Rich Legends


It is one the most acclaimed Himalayan site where the noteworthy sacredness of Buddhism made its nest along the cliffside of upper Paro valley situated in Bhutan. According to the legends, Buddhist guru Padmasambhava came to this isolated place from Tibet on the back of a tigress and meditated here for long three years. It is why this place is also called as ‘Tiger’s Nest’. A beautiful temple was made around this place dedicated to guru Padmasambhava.

2. The Hurva Synagogue: A Sacred Ruin Of Jewish In Jerusalem


This is happened to be one of the most remarkable historical memoirs situated in the Jewish headquarter of Old Jerusalem. During the early phase of the 18th century, the followers of Juda heHasid were to known to have founded this but it was demolished by the Muslims in around 1721. Since that time as this place bore the resemblance of ruin for about 150 years, the place itself has been called as Ruin i.e ‘Hurva’. Though in 1864 it was rebuilt by Perushim and officially named as the Beis Yaakov Synagogue.

3. BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Atlanta, USA: A Touch Of Hindu Divinity Outside India


BAPS( which also stands for Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha) Shri Swaminarayan Mandir happens to one of the most notable Hindu traditional temples established beyond the Indian Subcontinent. This temple is made of nearly 35,000 pieces of hand sculpted Italian marble and lays along thirty acres of land besides being 32,000 Square feet large.

4. Karnak Temple Complex: A Superior Historical Instance Of Egyptian Excellence


The Karnak Temple Complex is comprised of wide ranges of temple decays, pylons, chapels and others situated at the modern village of El- Karnak in Egypt. According to the historical sources the construction of this complex begun during the reign of the Egyptian ruler Senusret I and continued up to the Ptolemaic period.

5. Meenakshi Amman Temple, India: Here The Sanctity Of Hinduism Kisses The Greatness Of Indian Architecture

Meenakshi Amman Temple, situated on the Southern bank of River Vaigai in Madurai (Tamil Nadu) is one of the notable South Indian Hindu Temple. The deity of Hindu goddess Laxmi is worshipped here as Meenakshi whereas lord Shiva is named as Sundareswarar. It is a nearly 2500 old temple in India and there are about 33,000 attractive sculptures on the temple.

6. The New Synagogue, The Only Jewish Artefact Which Survived The Blow Of Hitler

The foundation stone of the New Synagogue was laid between 1859-1866 and it is considered the most important Synagogue of the Jewish community living in Berlin, Germany. The then president of Prussia Otto Van Bismarck is known to have attended its inaugural ceremony. Though it witnessed the heavy strokes of second World War, but it stills proudly proclaims its excellent resemblance to Moorish architecture.

7. Qolşärif Mosque, Kazan: A Russian Amalgamation Of Renaissance And Ottoman Architecture

Qolşärif Mosque is one the largest mosques in Europe situated in the Kazan Kremlin which was built in the 19th Century and it is named after the famous personality Qolşärif who was happened to the imam besides being a professor. This mosque bears its notable similarity towards the renaissance architecture on the one hand and the Ottoman architecture on the other.

8. San Vitale, Ravenna, Italy: It’s All About The Superiority Of Byzantine Art & Architecture

San Vitale Church, situated in Ravenna is of the most striking instances of early Christian Byzantine Art. Its construction was completed between 526 – 547 A.D and as a notable historical structure in Western Europe, it has been listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

9. Bahá’í Temple, Sydney, Australia: If There’s Something Called The God, It’s Surely His Dwelling Place


Bahai Temple which is also known as the Bahai House Of Worship was founded in 1961 and it is one of the nine continental houses of worship established around the world. Like all other Baha houses, this building is comprised of nine-sided circular shape.

10. Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: A Domain Where All The Waves Of Islamic Culture Gets Mingled


Sheikh Zayed Mosque is situated in Abu Dhabi and it is considered as one of time most significant places of worship in the country. The late president of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan initiated this construction of this mosque with the aim unite the cultural diversity prevailing the Islamic World. Apart from this, this is the eighth largest mosque in the world.

11. Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Russia: Where The Mindblowing Heritage Whispers The Tales Of Tzars


Saint Basil’s Cathedral is located on the red square of Moscow at the centre of the city and it is officially known as the Cathedral Of The Protection Of Most Holy Theotokos On The Moat. It had been the tallest building in the city prior the construction of Ivan, The Great Bell Tower. The Russian Govt forcefully secularised the church in 1929 and now it is regarded as federal property.

12. Qurikancha, Cusco, Peru: A Relic Which Bears The Bloody Mark Of Imperialism


Qurikancha happens to be the most significant temple in The Inca Empire, dedicated basically to the Sun God Inti. The floors and the walls of this temple were once known to have covered with the Gold. Later when the Spanish colonists established their colony in Peru, they demolished the temple and constructed the Santo Domingo Church at this site.

13. Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia: A Place Embraced By The Ancient Beauty Of Nature

Las Lajas Sanctuary is situated in the Southern part of Colombia and it had been constructed inside the canyon of the River Guáitara. It was founded between 1916- 1919 and the name Laja is derived from the name of the sedimentary rock found in this region.

14. Harmandir Sahib, India: The Golden Legacy Of India


Harmandir Sahib which is popularly known as the Golden Temple is one of the most sacred Gurdwaras situated at Amritsar, Punjab in India. The fourth Sikh Guru Ram Das is known to have built this. Its construction was completed in 1604 and it is visited by about one lakh pilgrims each day.

15. Temple of Heaven, China: A Significant Chinese Inheritance


Temple Of Heaven is an important religious complex located in the Southeastern part of Central Beijing. This complex is known to have visited by the rulers of different dynasties ranging from Tao, Ming to Qing where they used to address their prayers to heaven for ensuring a good harvest.

16. Sainte-Chapelle, France: A Refection Of Glorious Royalty


Sainte- Chapelle is a royal Chapel which had been the residence of the French rulers until the 14th Century and it is located in the heart of Paris. It is famous for its extensive collections of stained glass of 13th Century around the world.

17. Sultanahmet Mosque, Turkey: The Last Wonder Of The Ottoman

It is also called as The Blue Mosque. It is located in Istanbul and it was constructed between 1609-1616. This mosque has been regarded as the last wonder done by the Ottoman rulers during their classical age.

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