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16 Wacky & Weird restaurants from all around the world.

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If you are fed up of eating in regular restaurants and want to try something new, a new and a different place then you must have a look at these weirdly insane spots-

1. A Unique and Incredible Outlook to Dine in the Sky


Dining at different locations can be a unique experience. People always enjoy food in a charming atmosphere. Have you ever thought of having food at sky? To dine in the sky in various locations is no doubt an exceptional adventure and this is the dining centre which provides you with this facility to enjoy dinner at the sky. Remember this is at the height of 150 feet from the sea level. It is a Belgian style wherein the food is being served by a crane.

2. Hospitals Restaurant in Riga, Latvia- a mix of hedonism and aseptic dread of hospitals


Hospitals restaurant stands out for its pleasure seeking atmosphere and alluring food. Here bartenders wear lab coats and feed you. The waitresses wear skimpy nurse uniforms and fluorescent orange wigs. They will strap you in a strait jacket and spoon feed you if you order that special item in the menu and sign the mandatory agreement. Meals are served in stainless steel dishes and eaten with surgical utensils. Drinks are served in medical beakers and test tubes.

3. The Trailer Park Lounge in Manhattan- the best cuisine for cheap burgers, décor and fantastic menu


Probably the most famous cuisine of burgers in Manhattan, the Trailer Park Lounge, is full of kitschy, white-trash memorabilia. The place is eminent for cheap burgers and its awesome margaritas along with its kitsch. With its kitschy decor and the fantastic menu, people can find that it is a great place to grab the burger with your friends.

4. Enjoy the Trendy Sandwiches in Buns and Guns Restaurant in Beirut, Lebanon


The Buns and Guns Restaurant in Beirut, Lebanon has the motto and that is ‘A Sandwich can kill you’. The restaurant looks like a military post with sand bags to protect the clients, sounds of machine-guns and bombs instead of music and illustrations of different weapons all around which gives an exciting feeling to the people. It is a peculiar experience when you are dining in this atmosphere. That is why the cuisine has different names that are related to war like Typhoon, Torpedo, and Viper.

5. Can Feel Tremor of Earthquake with Every Bite at Disaster Café in Lloret de Mar, Spain


Normally, people are terrified of earthquakes, but at the Disaster Café in Lloret de Mar people spend money to have the experience while finger biting tasty food. The entire restaurant shakes with the force of a fake earthquake. Patrons are not warned beforehand. The place is very popular and you need to make reservations in advance so that you can get a table.

6. Amazing Robot Restaurant Gives You Relaxation and Makes You Hang Out in the Glamorous Lounge


Robot Restaurant never makes you bored! The restaurant has unique show that is enough to make you hang out in the glamorous lounge. It is filled with advanced robots and fancy beats are one of the most popular tourist attractions. This types of restaurants have shining and bright light. The scanty dressed performers and robots appear immobile in this light. This type of restaurant is famous in Tokyo and in other parts of Japan.

7. An Exquisite Experience in the Airplane Restaurant in Colorado, Springs, CO


This restaurant has aviation themes and even has tables in an old airplane. The food is very average. The environment is fun for kids, a lot for them to look at. Seating in the airplane itself is very limited, and if you do sit in there, plans on kids running through constantly. The Airplane Restaurant has become best place for good food.

8. Can Have Nice Food and Funniest Experience at Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, NV


If you want to experience the funniest atmosphere and good food then you can think for Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas restaurant. The main theme of the restaurant is to reduce the obesity and heart disease of people. If you want to taste different types of burgers then this is worth to visit the place. Here you will get a hospital gown and all the stuff have nurses and doctors uniforms. The cuisine is fatty burgers and hot dogs.

9. Dining At Opaque Means A Journey Of Taste In The Dark Atmosphere


There are many restaurants in the world that aim to bring in more customers so they use funny themes. This Opaque is such type of restaurant where the patrons are led into a pitch black dining room and they are served food that they cannot see. You will get high end prix fixe menus consisting of delicious pasta and mouth watering meat dishes.

10. Dining with Colourful Fish at the Underwater Restaurant at Red Sea-the most amazing places on earth


Dinner that too amidst angelfish is an exquisite experience in the ocean blue atmosphere. The restaurant is located in Eliot, Israel’s southernmost city. Now this restaurant has become famous to the foodie people who often go to the restaurant for dinner. The restaurant is submerged sixteen feet down at the Red Sea. The foodie people can have variety ranges of exotic dishes in this beautiful heavenly atmosphere where peace and beauty is blend together to satisfy the people.

11. Good Food Serve in Bowl is an Elegance by Itself That Brings Satisfaction to the People’s Hunger


It is the magical restroom café in city of industry where people can get all types of food they want to eat. The spatiality of this restroom cafe is that the food looks like the substance belongs in a toilet and actually the food is served in toilet bowls. Actually the bowl’s shape resembles the bowl s of toilet. Good food and good ambience of the café satisfy people’s hunger.

12. Japanese Cat Cafes Provides a Relaxing Companionship to the Foodies


Cat Cafes is quite popular in Japan. Their main motto is to provide pure unbridled happiness to the customers. Here you have to spend ten bucks for an hour. You can get different types of cats around you and if you like you can play with them also. You can have tea, beer, and similar snacks in this cat café. It depends on the location what you will get. There are different types of cat café in Japan but each one is different from others.

13. The H. R. Giger Museum Bar in Gruyeres, Switzerland is Famous for Its Extraordinary Feeling


The H. R. Giger Museum Bar is apparently a restaurant but its interior gives you an extraordinary feeling for its skeletal structure that is covered by double arches of vertebrae that crisscross the vaulted ceiling of an ancient castle. The bar is devoted to the Swiss surrealist painter, sculptor and set designer who is famous for his work on Alien. It is a bar and its cuisine is alcohol.

The Hello Kitty Dream Restaurant in Beijing, China is a Memorable Venue for Its Awesome Food


The Hello Kitty Dream restaurant in Beijing, China is located in upmarket shopping mall in Sanlitun. The restaurant is famous for the couples who make up a large part of the restaurant’s clientele. Normally the couples come here to propose. The menu at the Hello Kitty restaurant is an eclectic mix of both Asian and Western fare, featuring roasted meats, soups, salads, sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, fried rice and curries.

14. The Ninja Restaurant In Manhattan, New York Give You a Playful Experience With Good Food


The Ninja Restaurant in Manhattan is an entertainment restaurant where the food is served by wait staff in ninja garb, which periodically jumps out of nooks and crannies to scare you. Apparently ninjas love pranks. The restaurant has become a place for recreation in the present day. You can have lunch or dinner while enjoying the exciting Ninja show. Enjoy the cuisine and live show at this unique restaurant.

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