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15 Simple Ways To Make Your Mashed Potatoes Super Yummy!

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Smashed potato is the one ingredient that helps you prepare many dishes. Following are a few of them, so that you need not put much effort to come up with one.

1. Mashed Potato Sandwich

With endless possibilities, just spread the mashed potatoes on bread with anything, like scrambled eggs and onion. Enjoy this super easy recipe.

2. Baked Potatoes:

Bake a potato, add delicious ingredients to it and if required, bake it again. This would enhance the taste of the potato. One can also scoop out the potato before adding the ingredients.

3. Potato Chips

A quick and easy recipe to make, potato chips work great as evening snacks. Just give mashed potato the form of a chip and let them fry.

4. Potato Croquettes

Crispy and delicious, this form of mashed potatoes is appreciated by all. Do nothing than breading the fried mashed potatoes, and you’re done!

5. Potato Cups

With some potato mash in hand, play with it by adding various ingredients to it, as per the choice. Put this mixed mashed potato in a cup and enjoy.

6. Mashed Potato Balls

This is nothing but mashed potato in the form of balls. Fry them. Add salt to them, as per taste. And enjoy with an awesome movie!

7. Potato Chapattis


Add salt and spices to the mashed potatoes. Then use a little of the mixture with dough and make chapattis out of it. Enjoy with yogurt and pickle.

8. Squashed Potatoes

Squash your potatoes with butter. This tinge of butter provides an edge to the mashed potatoes. Have these squashed potatoes with a cold drink and have fun!

9. Mashed Potato Fries

One can even use sweet potatoes for preparing mashed potato fries. Just slice the potatoes and fry them. There couldn’t have been a better recipe for a minor version of French fries.

10. Potato Pancakes

An amazing pancake can also be made out of mashed potatoes. For the final touch, just top the pancake with sauce, sweet or sour, it’s all your call.

11. Mashed Potato Puffs

If you wish to have a solid outer body but a smooth filling, this is what you should look forward to. These puffs are finger licking delicious.

12. Cheesy Potato Muffins


Cheese with mashed potato could have never looked better than this. These muffins taste incredible and are perfect to be served to guests. All tend to love these muffins.

13. Potato Candies

Give potato a sweeter version by making candies out of it. Just use a mashed potato, shape it and add natural flavors to it, as you want your candy to be.

14. Potato Bombs


Put the mashed potatoes in a bowl. Add salt and spices to it and bake it. This would come out to be very tasty. You can add loads of cheese to it to let it taste heavenly.

15. Potato Tacos

Tacos are favorites of all. Using mashed potatoes with tacos is a brilliant idea. Tacos get an amazing filling and mashed potatoes get a wonderful covering.

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