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15 Parents who took parenting to a whole new awkward level!

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You could call is funny and having a sense of humor, but some of them might actually teach you a lesson or two.

1. When parents got creative with car decal and put up stickers that denoted the whole family standing tall including their kids in a playful mood.

2. When they put up a TBD sign on the Christmas card right after their daughter had a breakup.


3. They don’t play favorites, but the picture suggests otherwise JRossie gets the biggest sock loaded with candies, and the rest of the kids get the average sock with just a handful of candies in them. Now is that fair!?

4. Getting playful with the kids on a Christmas Eve, by fooling them. They replaced iphones with superhero costumes and placed them in the iPhone boxes, so that it appeared that the parents were presenting their kids with iphone. .

5. When dad brought back her daughter’s real or original statute that has repealed or expired after her senior years. It was a senior year’s picture that was brought alive by her father yet once again.

6. These parents show how to get creative while painting their house. They put up a dork sign in front of one of their kid’s window wall, denoting who he really is. That was kinda funny!

7. Her mother has a sense of humor when she texts her daughter, “Good morning – xoxo your imaginary boyfriend”.

8. These parents did something out of the ordinary to make their son’s birthday wish come true.


9. She asked her dad to put some money on the card. What her dad did next was quite funny. He took some coins and placed it on top of her credit card denoting.

10. This father would do anything for his fan. His wife wanted some Advil for her headache and he goes, “don’t talk to me as I am famous and you are not – I am special”. When she pleads in pain, he changes his tone and says, “ok anything for my fans”. Now is that supposed to be funny? For god’s sake, she’s you wife! She is more than just a fan!

11. These parents gave their son a sock when he left for college and tells him do whatever he wants as he is free.

12. Their parents made a web of strings intertwined for the kids to be able to play around it and keep themselves occupied. A good way to spend their time.

13. “Glad they are blue” – “The balls you mean dad? Lol”


14. Very funny – he bought a Victoria’s secret package to his son in college. What the heck – this is supposed to be for the girls. Do I look like one to you? not funny!

15. When Sofia’s father pulled a prank on her and says her to get a job after graduation. First they say – good job (on her graduation day) and get a job (when she’s back home).

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