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15 Amazing Things Which Used To Happen In 90s Only!

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The 1990s and the fresh air- well, we think it couldn’t have been better and that the time shouldn’t pass, but here we are, in 2017! The time has only flown; looking back, we have nothing but a bunch of memories to cherish. Definitely, 1990s was a wonderful time and there was so much to do and look forward to. Enjoying the eagerness of a new decade but also missing the years that passed by, the time made the experience a beautiful phase.

1. VHS Tapes

VHS tapes were in the market and also at everybody’s place. These bulky tapes could be found piled up everywhere.


With FRIENDS on air, it couldn’t have been a better decade. Even today, watching Friends does not let us realize we are not in the 1990s anymore.

3. Solitaire on Windows

Whenever one is free on the desktop, the one game he is sure to play is Solitaire. The earlier version attracted all and made them stick to the PCs for long.

4. Music

The music industry was booming like anything. Fusion and RapRock had just come up. Pop music started taking front seats. Britney Spears and Mandy Moore had just entered.

5. Fashion

The military style had captured minds of all. It started then and still looks subtle yet fashionable. High waist jeans had started and eventually combat boots too became trendy.

6. Slap Bracelets

Kids would just get punished for nothing but they enjoyed it too. The slap bracelets used to get hold of the wrist as soon as you slap a friend with it; and yes, it was never more fun.

7. Slangs

The birth of hip hop culture gave birth to the slangs too. Wassup was the slang used the most number of times.

8. Basketball

We say basketball and we say Michael Jordan, and that’s it. These two terms are definitely synonymous to each other. The 1990s gave us Michael Jordan, the God of Basketball.

9. Walkman

Not a single person could have imagined that listening to music could be so easy, and then they were gifted with Walkman. It was portable and comfortable.

10. Fortune Teller

Kids could be found playing this game where all a kid needed was a piece of paper and in no time it changed into a fun game.

11. Movies

The decade of amazing movies, the 1990s left nothing untouched. Movies we appreciate till date were filmed then.

12. Starbucks

Starbucks had introduced its soon to-be-famous Frappuccino.

13. Batman Forever

Little did we know this will come up as such an amazing movie with more than amazing makeup done on the actors.

14. MTV Music Videos

Though music had started gaining much more attention than before, a new dimension to it was added by MTV. The music videos they came up with made everyone glued to their seats.

15. Rock, Paper, Scissors

If no one had a logical solution to anything, this was the option to go for. It did settle everything in absolutely no time.

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