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10 Universally True Parenting Facts That Are Funny As Hell!

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Parenting is not an easy job. It is tough and you must be prepared to face some weird situations while taking care of your child. Here are 10 such amazing yet funny facts that give a whole new meaning to parenting.

1. Your mouth opens when feeding.

Weird but true. Observe the next time you start feeding your kid.

2. Your kid wants to pee the moment you dress him/ her up.

Are you already smiling remembering the last incidence? Sometimes it seems really irritating though, as your kid wants to pee once he/ she is dressed up in tights and leotard.

3. Your kid wants to pee when already tied to the car seat.

This is another awkward situation for a parent whose the child needs to pee when already seated securely with a seat belt round him/ her.

4. Your kid wants to pee when in a snow suit.

As you prepare your child in his/ her snowsuit and ready to skate, that’s the moment when he/ she asks to go to the toilet.

5. Your kid does whatever is not right when you are absent.

Well, when you are in the washroom the world is in his/ her hands to do whatever he/ she needs, be it rummaging the cupboard and kitchen utensils, opening the refrigerator and other such things.

6. Your kids get sick the moment you think they are OK.

little, sleepless, girl lying in bed with teddy bear

The moment you are relaxed and feel your child has recovered or recovering steadily, suddenly something goes wrong and you rush to make that urgent call to the doctor.

7. See your kids with wrong shoes.

Your child really loves to put on shoes on the wrong feet. Sometimes this is amusing but there are moments when you get irritated trying to cajole her to put on the shoes correctly.

8. No private time.<h/2>

It can be frustrating when you yearn for private moments to enjoy a cuppa or get cozy with your hubby and that’s the moment the baby wakes up.

9. Kids dislike cool parents.

Yes, the more you act cool in front of your kid, the more it embarrasses your child.

10. New shirts are best places to spit.

Your favorite shirt is going to get stained in no time. Kids probably love this.

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