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10 Universally Lame Mistakes Every Parent Make Unconsciously!

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Parents become too nervous and excited about their approaching parenthood. They start spending on useless things, being too concerned about the wellbeing of their kids. Let us checkout some such things on which parents spend more than required while ignoring tasks which require more attention.

1. Buying more baby diapers

One of the gravest mistakes is piling up your house with packets of baby diapers. Babies grow fast before you have the scope of using all of these, they outgrow the size of the diaper.


2. Forcing small diapers

Now once you have stacked your house with new born diapers you do not want to throw these away; so you start using small diapers which result in frequent overflows.

3. Hurting the babies

One involuntary mistake committed by parents is clipping their baby’s fingers while trying to cut or trim their nails.

4. Not locking the phone

Parents forget to lock their phones and this result is hundreds of pictures of the roofs; sometimes meaningless texts are sent to your boss while often important messages and apps get deleted.


5. Letting your infant push the shopping cart

Everything seems cool and cute actually until and unless your child knocks over a rack of glass and bottles.

6. Buying more baby diapers

Designer diaper bags may look exquisite but are not spacious enough to store diapers, milk bottles, wipes, snacks and toys that you need for your baby.

7. Relying on breastfeeding to avoid pregnancy

Mothers think that as long as they are breastfeeding there is no scope of getting pregnant. And this is one of the serious mistakes they commit.

8. Poking your baby to make sure that he/ she is breathing

Learn the right ways to check whether your baby is breathing properly. Surely poking and irritating him/her is not the way.

9. Laying down the baby on the bed

It may feel that it is just for a minute that you are keeping your baby on the bed. But the moment you put them on the bed, they start rolling to the edge. Oops, that can be scary!


10. Forgetting to pack more clothes

Your baby needs a change after having food. You might forget this and end up taking no extra clothes for a journey. It is a terrific experience to see your baby in dirty clothes the whole day, especially when you are taking him/her to a friend’s or relative’s place.

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