10 Super Easy Hacks To Remove All The Stain At Home

10 Super Easy Hacks To Remove All The Stain At Home!

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Housekeeping is an essential part of our everyday lives and sometimes it can get really tough. To remove certain stubborn stains, we tend to get worried and when no product in the market like a regular detergent seems useful enough, one can go totally organic. Here, we would give you a few housekeeping hacks and when you can get it all here, why to avail expensive products and services. Let’s have a quick look at a few of them:

1. Gas stove

To clean a gas stove, just dip a piece of cloth into a mixture of ammonia and anisic drops. Rub this solution on the greasy spots on the stove and all around it too. To get to the corners, use a toothbrush.

2. Color stains

Color stains can be tricky and when detergents are not effective, one turns to oxygen bleach. A mixture of oxygen bleach and water does wonders. With the help of this solution, stains can be removed with utmost ease. Once applied on the cloth, leave it for good 15 minutes and then wash it.

3. Kitchen sink

One problem all housewives come across is the dirty kitchen sink. Vinegar is the key here. Use vinegar and rub over the entire sink, to find it shining all over again.

4. Window cleaner

Windows get dirty in a short period of time as they are prone to dust. A quick solution would be of great help in this case. Take some water and half a cup of white vinegar. Mix these two ingredients and use it as a spray to the areas which need attention.

5. Oven

Let your oven stay turned off and put a cup of ammonia in it. Leave it for overnight. In the morning, wash the oven thoroughly. Do wear gloves while you take the process ahead. All the grease stuck on the oven will get removed in no time.

6. Oil stains

The one magic product in all kitchen is nothing but baking soda. Baking soda can be used for all types of oil stains, be on clothes or carpets. Put some baking soda on the carpet or clothes, as the case may be, and leave it for a while. Then wash it away.

7. Turmeric stains

White vinegar can be used here. Use just a little vinegar and turmeric stain would fly away like anything.

8. Refrigerator

This could have been a big task unless we had baking soda. Mix two spoons of baking soda with water and rub it on the desired area. Scrub the refrigerator, inside and out and then wipe it off with a clean cloth.

9. Toilet

Use vinegar to clean your toilet. This would make it shine and you would be good to go.

10. Steel utensils

All the steel or stainless steel utensils can be made all new again with the help of baking soda. Wash these utensils with a mixture of one cup of baking soda and three cups of dry mustard.

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