10 Shocking Secrets About Michael Jackson's Life Revealed Bodyguards

10 Shocking Secrets About Michael Jackson’s Life Revealed By His Two Bodyguards!

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Michael Jackson was an iconic figure, the King of Pop indeed. He excelled in dance, music, fashion, and style. He was very loving, caring and kind-hearted, but at the same time, he was a very secretive person. He had a lot of surprising secrets that no one knew about, except his two bodyguards. These secrets are revealed in the highly anticipated Lifetime biopic, Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland. This 2-hour long biopic stars MJ’s popular double, Navi gives out details about his life and relationship with his three children. But we are sure, no secret can change love of his fan for him. What do you think?

1. MJ loved the movies

Michael Jackson loved the movies and used to hire the whole cinema for private time with his children. He loved to bring his kids to movie festivals that would screen his favorite actor Charlie Chaplin.

2. MJ was an “avid” reader

Michael Jackson was an avid reader with interest in the books of every genre. He used to spend $5000 at one shot whenever he had a visit to the bookstore. In 2007, he even bought a book store worth $100,000 during a tour in Los Angeles.

3. MJ planned to escape from the hustle and bustle of music shows

Michael Jackson once told his bodyguard Bill that he was tired of doing live shows. He always used to carry a briefcase with a humongous amount of cash, his precious Oscar Statue for Gone With the Wind and the passports of his family.

4. MJ became a loner and estranged from everyone by the year 2007

In late 2007, Michael Jackson returned to America from Bahrain and Ireland. By this time, his solitude completely took over and he became alienated from all his family members and closest friend. He would only meet with his mother.

5. MJ had a “Dress-up” Challenge arranged for protecting his kids

Michael Jackson used to cover his children’s faces with beautiful masks whenever he went out with them. He would tell them that it was a game named “Dress-up” challenge and motivated them to dress their best so that he would protect their identities from being revealed.

6. MJ loved the forever Classics

Even though Michael Jackson was the King of Pop, his personal preference in music was the classical music – Bach, Tchaikovsky, and the great Beethoven. He used to listen to the soothing classical soundtracks in his house and car most of the times.

7. MJ didn’t like being watched

Michael Jackson lived in the fear of being watched wherever he used to go. Before entering any hotel room, he used to ask his bodyguards to take a look at the room for any hidden cameras or listening devices. He once cut his hand open while he pulled out a security camera in Washington, D.C.

8. MJ valued friendship and helped friends in need

Michael Jackson revealed to his bodyguards that he helped his friend OJ Simpson, the disgraced football player to seek refuge from the darkness of being surrounded by the media in his Neverland Ranch.

9. MJ Loved his fans the MOST

Michael Jackson always craved for a normal life and to spend quality time with his kids but his love for his fans was beyond anyone’s imagination. He always used to reply to his fan mail whenever he had the chance and he always told the police not to push his fans waiting outside his home.

10. He was in serious debts

Keeping in mind the end goal to pay off his debts and purchase another house, Jackson was advised to do a Las Vegas residency, but he revealed to Bill it would “kill” him, as he couldn’t perform five evenings every week at the level he used to.

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