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10 Ridiculously Amazing Facts About Your Body Your Teachers Didn’t Teach You, But They Should Have!

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600 muscles…..206 bones…four lobes of brain…..and four chambered heart; these classic dogmas might be the holy verses you have been reading and listening, but there are endless amount of startling facts and details about human body our teachers skipped to enlighten us with. The human body is full of astonishing anomalies and heart skipping activities you cannot find in a single encyclopedia. So, let’s take a small but adventurous ride of the human body –

1. Your voice don’t sound exactly the way you think you sound. Actually a vibration inside your skull set off by vocal chords creates a pseudo sense of bass, because of which you hear yourself differently. So sir and ma’am, do you remember your annoying and awkward recorded voices, that’s how you sound like…..Bam.

2. Human bodies can also acquire a rare condition called synesthesia which causes senses to overlap. In layman terms, some people can taste words or hear colors.

3. Human body produces a huge amount of saliva. During your lifetime, you will produce enough saliva to fill a 10,000 liter swimming pool.

4. Men have nipples because they could have been female. Basically, males and females develop exactly in the same way for the first 60 days in the womb. But then, because of that Y chromosome testosterone will kick in and will cause male sex organs to develop instead of female ones.

5. Human body has the same amount of hairs as a chimpanzee, but most are useless and so fine that they are not visible.

6. Your body creates seven miles of new blood vessels for every pound of fat or muscle you gain. So, it’s quite a maintenance-work your body has to do to cover up your carve guilt.

7. Your stomach’s digestive acids are so strong that it can dissolve razor blades. Now you must be wondering why doesn’t then stomach digests itself? That’s because stomach cells are created faster than they can be destroyed.

8. When you go to sleep at night your body is cm shorter compared to when you wake up in the morning. Reason is, cartilage in your spine slowly compresses throughout the day.

9. When you blush, it’s not only your face even the lining of your stomach blushes too. It means you are blushing inside out.

10. When you are in love, your brain releases the same mixture of neurotransmitters and hormones that are released by amphetamines which are a potent central nervous system stimulant used in the treatment of ADHD, narcolepsy, and obesity.

And two honorable mentions—–
Humans are bio-luminescent and glow in the dark. But the light that we emit is 1,000 times weaker than the human eyes are able to pick up.

Do you know? 80-90% of what we perceive as “taste” is not exactly taste; actually it’s due to our sense of smell.Life is any illusion!

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