10 Interesting Facts About Paris You Know, Then You Are Geeks

10 Interesting Facts About Paris You Know, Then You Are Geeks!

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Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in France. The city is famous for its Eiffel Tower and numerous architectural marvels. Although, most people know Paris for its food and monuments, there are few things about Paris that are still hidden from the world. Here are 10 surprising facts about Paris that you never knew.

1. The original name of Paris was Lutetia and it was a famous Roman city in the ancient times. The city was built in the 3rd century BC.

2. The famous Eiffel Tower was never meant to be a permanent structure in the city. It was only built to stand there for 20 years as the showpiece for the World Fair 1889.

3. Paris is filled with monuments and museums. Total 173 museums and 1803 monuments are present in the city. There are also 450 beautifully maintained gardens and parks.

4. There was only one STOP sign in the entire city up until 2012. The sign has been removed now and it was located at the exit gate of a construction material producing company.

5. If you were to climb up the Eiffel Tower, you would have to take up 1665 steps to reach the top. However, there is also an elevator facility available for the visitors.

6. Paris is really famous amongst the filmmakers and each day at least 10 film or commercials are shot in the city. Good thing about Paris is that shooting is free in the city except for a few locations.

7. Paris is famous for its coffee and food. There are over 9000 open terrace restaurants in the city. If a person was to eat at a new open terrace restaurant each day in Paris, it would take him 29.8 years.

8. Paris has 6,100 streets and the shortest street is rue des Degrés. It measures 5.75 meters and is in the 2nd arrondissement.

9. Paris has 470,000 trees. All the trees are measured and referenced regularly. Paris takes nature pretty seriously.

10. There are over 400 movie theaters or screens in Paris. The first movie screening was held in 1895 by two French brothers.

Visiting this beautiful city is one of the best travel experiences a person can have. Although there is a lot about the city that meets the traveler’s eyes. After knowing these amazing facts you will surely see Paris in a new light.

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