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10 Dark Secrets Of World War II That will blow your mind!

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World War II was a war of victory and freedom; of villainous strategies and secret weapons. Nowadays it sounds more like a saga of destruction and courage. This massive war has mysteries which are yet to be unravelled. Let us explore few such.

1. Nazi strategy of creating atomic bombs

When Hitler with his Nazi army was trying to conquer the world, he discovered the strength of atomic bombs. His army occupied the Vemork hydroelectric plant at the high mountains of Norway to get heavy water, a key ingredient to form an atomic bomb.

2. The mysterious war tanks

Centaur CS IV tanks discovered in 2008, were premiere fighting tanks used during the war armed with 51 rounds of ammunition. The waterproofed engines and wading gears made these tanks travel even down the water.

3. The Malbork mass graves

In 2009 a mass grave was discovered at Malbork, which remained a part of German West Prussia during the war; over 1800 skeletons without clothes and with gun shots at their foreheads were found here.

4. Hitler’s art collection

Hitler planned to have a Nationalist Museum of Art at Austria but the German soldiers destroyed such pieces some were even sold to rich traders.


5. The hidden treasure

Popularly known as the Rommel’s treasure, it is believed to contain a group of six steel ammunition boxes. These boxes, buried at the island of Corsica are assumed to contain precious stones, gold and silver bullion.


6. The collaboration between the Nazis and the Communists

Strange but true, it is believed the few members of the Velzen’s police chief along with some other officers conspired with the Nazis to kill communist resistance fighters like Hannie Schaft.


7. The unknown object in the Los Angeles Sky

An unseen object, believed to be an air barrage by the Japanese led to an air battle at Los Angeles. Later it was discovered that the unknown objects were fire balloons or extraterrestrial crafts.

8. The death of Subhas Chandra Bose

Still a mystery is the death of the great Indian freedom fighter, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. While some believe that he died in a plane crash, others believe that he died in captivity at Siberia.


9. The secret of Amber Room

The Amber Room was a gift from the King of Prussia to Russian Czar in 1941. The room was stuffed with Florentine mosaics, gold leaves and mirrors. After the German defeat this 11 feet room surprisingly disappeared.


10. Rudolf Hess’s peace attempt

One of the strangest incidents of World War II was the sudden flight of Rudolf Hess to Scotland in 1941. A prominent figure in the Nazi army, he instantly fled to Scotland to be in a peace with the United Kingdom even when Germany declared war on Russia agreement. He was however, arrested on his way. Why Hess took this step still remains a mystery in the World War history.


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