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10 Big Brand Logos that will Surprise You with Their Hidden Creative meaning!

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Companies spend millions of dollars to come up with brand logos. Have you ever wondered why? They appear simple and nice to us but they are actually more meaningful than what we comprehend. Let’s find out top 10 brand logos that have hidden meanings that we never realized.

1. Hyundai

The Logo of the South Korean company Hyundai has ‘H’ and many of us believe that the company has used its first alphabet as its logo. But the ‘H’ actually comprises a client and a customer shaking hands.

2. Adidas

The logo of sports brand Adidas is derived from the name of its founder, Adolf Dassler and it has three diagonal stripes that form a triangle. This triangle symbolizes mountain of the challenges that athletes face.

3. Apple

Logo of the company ‘Apple’ is designed by Rob Yanov. He purchased a bag of apples and tried to draw it. Just as he took a bite of the apple, he realized that bite exactly sounds like ‘Byte’ of computer. This is how the logo came out simple yet catchy with a bite in apple.


The arrow in the logo of Amazon is actually the smile that customers get after buying products from Amazon. It begins with ‘A’ and ends at ‘Z’ which smartly depicts that the website sells simply everything (from A to Z).

5. Baskin-Robbins

Baskin-Robbins, the world’s largest chain of ice-cream parlors, has a blue and pink logo. The pink part of ‘BR’ actually makes number 31. Baskin-Robbins used to popularly sell ice-creams in 31 different flavors.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest allows you to pin down innovative ideas via beautiful pictures that you find on interest. That’s why the ‘P’ alphabet in the logo appears like a pin so that you can pin your interest on your online notice board.

7. Beats

The logo of Beats was designed by a branding agency in San Francisco. The letter ‘b’ of the logo in the red circle appears like a person wearing headphones.

8. BMW

Most people think that the central part of BMW logo indicates the company’s past in aviation industry as it used to manufacture aircraft engines. However, this blue and white central part represents the flag of the Bavaria.

9. LG

If you look profoundly at the logo of LG, it showcases an image of a human face. The company aspires to maintain good relations with ordinary people. The philosophy of LG is based on humanity which is depicted in its logo.

10. Pepsi

Pepsi spent a lot on the creation of its logo and of course, it is acclaimed by people. However, we must not be aware of the amount of brain used in making this logo. It’s not just any simple logo. There is 27-page documentation on the logo which explains how this logo has everything, from the magnetic field of Earth, geodynamics, Pythagoras to Feng Shui. Besides this, the red, white and blue colors represent the flag of America.

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