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These 10 Amazing Egg Tricks Are Simply Awesome. Have A Look!

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With many dishes to be prepared with the help of an egg, this is the one thing which comes to rescue when you are the hungriest. Eggs are a true life savior. Whenever you are feeling hungry, just grab an egg and do what you want. There are a couple of tips and tricks mentioned here which you can follow to come up with a delicious dish prepared from egg easily. And we also present few fun tricks for a leisure entertainment.

1. Egg inside a bottle

Boil an egg and pour hot boiling water in a glass water bottle. Empty the water bottle and then put the egg over the bottle. It will gradually suck the egg and eventually, the egg would be inside the bottle in no time.

2. Standing egg

An egg would not stand on its own. Just sprinkle some salt on the table and then try to let the egg rest. It would be perfectly stable post this.

3. Watery egg

Beat the egg and add water to it. Put the glass in the oven and heat it for 50 seconds to get an amazing egg dish.

4. Rolling

Roll the egg before peeling. It would peel off easily this way.

5. To separate yolk from egg white

Break the egg in a bowl. Take a plastic bottle and place its mouth on the yolk of the egg. Then, let the bottle suck in the yolk, only to release it in another bowl.

6. Unique bread omelette

Cut the bread in a way that it has a circular boundary and the inner part forms an empty circle. Place this piece of bread on a heated pan. Beat the eggs and pour it on the pan, not letting it cross the boundaries. Leave it for a minute and the breakfast is ready.

7. Easy peeling

Dip the eggs in cold water and get hard boiled eggs.

8. Age of eggs

Put all the eggs in the container filled with water. The ones which float are the oldest whereas the ones which have drowned are the newest.

9. Scooping

Cut a boiled egg in two parts prior to peeling it off. Then just scoop the two parts with the help of a spoon and you get two pieces of a boiled egg.

10. Microwave omelette

Beat the egg, put it in a glass and add milk. Heat it in the oven for around 2 minutes and the omelette is ready!

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